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Phoenix-Wings – News on Our Cargo Drones

We are constantly researching, developing and manufacturing cargo drones – our goal is to make them simple, safe and efficient. We also wish to co-develop our drones with our customers, whom we see as partners. Therefore, we at Phoenix-Wings want to keep our partners up to date on for what is new at our drone manufacturing company.

PW.Orca is airborne

PW.Orca completed its first hover, transition and wingborne flights. We are now working through an extensive flight test program to see PW.Orca in safe operational use soon.

PW.MantaRay Retired

PW.MantaRay was the first uncrewed aircraft system developed by Phoenix-Wings. It carried a large payload container to host heavy items and featured a unique blended wing-body design. PW.MantaRay had a maximum range of 120 km and could carry a maximum payload of 10 kg in a volume of 30 liters. Its average cruise speed was 85 km/h. PW.Manta Ray gained considerable attention at many events and demonstrations.

Spatial Modeling for Noise Reduction of Electric VTOL Aircraft

The project “RauMoLes” was an initial venture to gain insights into the noise behavior of VTOL drones. The goal of the project was the spatial modeling for noise reduction of electric VTOL aircraft, or “Raumbezogene Modellierung zur Lärmreduktion elektrischer Senkrechtstarter” in German, hence RauMoLes.

Lake Kivu Challenge

The Phoenix-Wings team had been founded only one year before it decided to jump into the challenge. The challenge was the beginning of the team's journey, leading it to Karongi at the shore of Lake Kivu.

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