PW.FlightSuite – Groundbreaking Drone Control Software

Our collection of drone software applications allows you to plan, train for and run your cargo delivery operations with ease. Plan the operations of your air solution using instant simulation feedback and feasibility checks of the flight path. Train with our drone control software using our simulation tools and safely test out every capability of monitoring and intervention. Operate and keep track of multiple aircraft at once.

Take control, or sit back and relax – with our drone control software!

To get you started, we offer live training, tutorial videos and example operations.

Outstanding Features of Our Air Cargo Solution

  • Get instant flight path simulation during mission planning

  • Seamlessly receive flight plan approval with the authorities through our integrated UTM provider Altitude Angel
  • Train operators for emergency scenarios using simulations
  • Monitor and control multiple drones
  • Analyze flights using .csv and .kml export of flight data and flight paths

What Is Included in PW.FlightSuite?

Planning and control applications:

  • Ground Control Application (GCA)
  • Pad Management App (PMA)
  • PW.Orca Software in the Loop Simulation (SIM)

How Does the Drone Software Application Work?

Ground Control Application (GCA)

The Ground Control Application (GCA) is the centerpiece of operation. Mission planning, programming, monitoring and control of drones, along with retrieval of log files… it all happens here. The Ground Control Application (GCA) connects to your drone fleet via Internet and the provided USB radio module.

Pad Management App

The Pad Management App is an easy-to-use interface for clearing take-offs and landings and allows you to run operations continuously with only two buttons. That means less room for error and less training needed.


Simulations can be run using virtual versions of our drones (PW.One Simulation and PW.Orca Simulation). The Simulation Control Interface (SCI) allows you to provide them with an initial location, battery charge, environmental conditions and even failure modes for training. Once started, they are recognized by the Ground Control Application (GCA) and Pad Management App. Your operators can train for an operation just as if they were commanding a real aircraft.

Plan Your Operation

Plan the exact flight path of your aircraft:

  • Create a mission using a map, terrain data and helper functions.

  • Get instant feedback through a display of the planned trajectory while editing the flight plan.

  • Create a mission using various mission items.

  • Tune parameters to increase adaption.

  • Ensure feasibility by testing your flight path for different payload masses and environmental conditions (terrain, aircraft dynamics, battery usage)

Train for Your Operation

Train all your procedures and experience a simulation of the actual aircraft responses before flight. Get yourself ready for rare yet important contingency procedures and be able to:

  • Reroute due to adverse weather conditions or denial of permission to land.

  • Mitigate sensor and actuator failures.

  • Mitigate C2 link loss.

Monitor and Control Your Operation

Centrally control your aircraft fleet and reduce the workload of your personnel at the delivery nodes.

A single remote pilot controls and monitors the fleet using the Ground Control Application (GCA)

  • Multi-drone support: one application to control all aircraft of a fleet. Or share responsibilities among multiple remote pilots using multiple instances of the Ground Control Application (GCA).

  • Guest mode allows having additional personnel observe the operation without the right to command.

  • Integrated UTM (= unmanned traffic management) to be aware of other airspace participants.

  • Status bar for vital states. Optimized visual feedback for instant situational awareness.

  • Intervene when necessary through classic autopilot commands.

  • Live plotting of aircraft information.

  • Export log files as *.csv or plot the flight paths as *.kml in Google Earth.

A single pad operator at each delivery node can manage the turnaround using the Pad Management App. No piloting skills required.

  • Press a button to allow a landing.

  • Exchange cargo.

  • Press a button to allow a take-off.

Demo-fly with simulated drones today!

Use our drone control software PW.FlightSuite to fly your cargo drones and make air cargo deliveries.