Phoenix-Wings – Your Cargo Drone Manufacturer

Create your own air delivery network with Phoenix-Wings products and deliver cargo up to 15 kg in a 96 liters cargo bay at 110 km/h (69 mph). Fully automatic!

With Phoenix-Wings as your cargo drone manufacturer, you can put your mind at ease by using a product „Made in Germany“ and designed for safety. Obtain approvals to operate more easily from your local aviation authority by using our regulation-friendly system. Our intuitive products support you in all phases of setting up, training for, and running of your operations. Minimal staffing requirements ensure you keep personnel costs low.

Make your aerial logistics operation a success.

Let’s make your logistics operation a success together.

Providing logistics companies with drones to connect places by air.

Our Products

PW.Orca – Heavy-Duty Flagship

When size matters, PW.Orca is the aircraft for you.

PW.Orca has a large payload container and can carry 15 kg of payload in a 96 liters volume. It is designed with safety in mind and is the right choice for bulky and heavy goods. PW.Orca is authority friendly with its outstanding wingspan-to-payload ratio, redundant sensors, powertrains, actuators, and integrated parachute system. Its unique design will turn heads.

Transport big-time!

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PW.FlightSuite – Groundbreaking Drone Control

Take control, or sit back and relax.

Our collection of drone software applications allows you to plan, train for and run your cargo delivery operations with ease. Plan the operations of your air solution using instant simulation feedback and feasibility checks of the flight path. Train with our drone control software using our simulation tools and safely test out every capability of monitoring and intervention. Operate and keep track of multiple aircraft at once.

Demo-fly with simulated drones today!

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Demo-fly with simulated drones today!

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