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The Phoenix-Wings system is capable of multi-drone operations using multiple PW.Orca drones and ground control stations together. We help you to build an individual drone logistics network that suits your company and its needs.

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Our Drones in Different Industries

Medical Cargo

Medical goods are among the most valuable transported goods. From medication to medical samples and equipment, many deliveries need to be sent on short notice and once sent must arrive quickly. Many medical items are small in size and need to be aggregated and transported in batches to reduce costs at the expense of timely arrival.

Phoenix-Wings drones are manufactured to connect medical centers in ways that make quick and spontaneous, round-the-clock deliveries possible.

Offshore Cargo

Energy infrastructure such as oil and gas rigs as well as wind farms are often located at sea and in need of a constant supply of spare parts, tools and food. The traditional way of sending a helicopter is expensive and infrequent, and deliveries at short notice can be costly. Boats, on the other hand, can be too slow and involve significant costs as well.

The Phoenix-Wings fixed-wing VTOL drone PW.Orca was developed for operation in harsh sea environments, bridging offshore locations at a low price. With more than 90% of needed items weighing less than 15 kg, PW.Orca was manufactured to be the ideal replacement, keeping vital infrastructure running smoothly.

Express Cargo

Express deliveries of urgent goods, especially in urban areas, are traditionally carried out by car or helicopter. Traffic congestion, along with driver, pilot and vehicle availability, are often obstacles to timely and cost-effective deliveries.

Phoenix-Wings drones are developed to bypass these restrictions by offering an affordable, on-call delivery solution that anyone can operate after an initial training phase.

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