Phoenix-Wings — PW.Orca to connect hospitals in UK

Today, we would like to introduce our partner Skyfarer® LTD, who plans to operate PW.Orca for medical deliveries in the UK. Successful trials earlier this year have showcased the suitability of our UAS for this task. A few key facts about the flights PW.Orca did between Coventry and Rugby:
📏 travelled distance: 32 km (one-way)
⏰ flight duration: 18 minutes (where a car would take 45 minutes)
💨 winds: up to 12 m/s
📌 flight corridor width: 60 meters
🌘 operating time: night
👍 dangerous goods transport (UN3373): approved

Watch the video to witness PW.Orca in action

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Published On: 10. July 20230.7 min read149 words