Phoenix-Wings -Spatial Modeling for Noise Reduction of Electric VTOL Aircraft

The project “RauMoLes” was an initial venture to gain insights into the noise behavior of VTOL drones. The goal of the project was the spatial modeling for noise reduction of electric VTOL aircraft, or “Raumbezogene Modellierung zur Lärmreduktion elektrischer Senkrechtstarter” in German, hence RauMoLes.

Spatial modeling for noise reduction of electric VTOL aircraft

In a joint effort with project partners Prof. Schaller UmweltConsult GmbH and the Institute of Aircraft Design of the Technische Universität München, methods for assessment of the environmental impact of VTOL aircraft for scoping or approval procedures of flight routes and corridors were explored. These methods take into account the noise sensitivity of the inhabitants in urban and suburban areas. The knowledge and experience gained was also applied to practical planning applications and optimization of flight paths as well as hardware modifications.

Phoenix-Wings provided VTOLs from its fleet and conducted exemplary cargo delivery flights that were captured acoustically to enable the derivation of a noise model by the Institude of Aircraft Design. The fusion of the developed noise model and available geographic information systems by Prof. Schaller UmweltConsult GmbH now helps to make decisions on the acoustic impact of flight routes. This brings the world closer to taking advantage of VTOL cargo delivery while minimizing noise pollution. Phoenix-Wings is using the knowledge and experience gained in the project for optimizing the noise behavior of its fleet in terms of hardware, software and operation.

Only when considering all aspects of VTOL flight systems can we harvest the full potential of VTOL cargo drone delivery.

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Published On: 21. June 20221.4 min read269 words