Phoenix-Wings — PW.MantaRay retired

PW.MantaRay was the first uncrewed aircraft system developed by Phoenix-Wings. It carried a large payload container to host heavy items and featured a unique blended wing-body design. PW.MantaRay had a maximum range of 120 km and could carry a maximum payload of 10 kg in a volume of 30 liters. Its average cruise speed was 85 km/h. PW.Manta Ray gained considerable attention at many events and demonstrations. In 2020, PW.Manta Ray made its first public appearance at the Lake Kivu Challenge during the African Drone Forum in Rwanda. Phoenix-Wings was awarded the sample delivery and the innovation award for PW.MantaRay’s performance at the challenge.

In 2021 it was used to connect Malta and Comino in a demonstration of how drones can be used for automatic delivery of medical goods between islands.

Later in 2021, operations training was conducted in Llanbedr, Wales by Phoenix-Wings’ partner Skyfarer. It showed the robustness of the developed flight control software and its use in offshore delivery scenarios.

PW.MantaRay helped Phoenix-Wings develop its flight control software and demonstrate the system and potential of drone deliveries to partners and customers. PW.MantaRay is succeeded by PW.Orca, a brand-new transport drone.

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Published On: 21. June 20221.5 min read295 words