PW.Airlift – Your Air Cargo Solution

This starter package is ideal if you would like to assess how Phoenix-Wings products can help you in your logistics endeavours. Learn how to operate, gain confidence and see how you can benefit from our products. PW.Airlift is a complete package for point-to-point drone deliveries. It contains a PW.One drone, our software solution PW.FlightSuite and all the equipment you need to get started flying. It is your starting point for building a large-scale drone delivery networks, using multiple drones.

Make the delivery of small items efficient – with our Complete Starter Package.

Outstanding Features of Our Air Cargo Solution

  • Span up to 30 kilometers

  • Deliver at a speed of 72 km/h

  • Carry up to 500 g per trip

  • Dual C2 links, including 4G/3G/2G and PW.Link

  • Our drones are already flying in multiple countries around the world
  • UTM by Alititude Angel
  • A pad management app

What Is Included in PW.Airlift?

  • PW.One
  • Transport box
  • PW.FlightSuite
  • Replacement parts
  • 3x flight batteries including batterie charger

  • Manual Remote Control
  • Tripod with antenna and laptop mount
  • PW.Link

… and all the training and support you need to get you going.

Setting up Your Air Cargo Solution PW.Airlift

Our software tool PW.FlightSuite supports you to structure your routes in multiple ways. To set up your first operation, program routes via our Ground Control Application (GCA), install our communication systems hardware and obtain approval from a competent authority.

Conducting Your First Operation

You save time with our highly automated flight process. To send a parcel, place your cargo into the aircraft by raising the lid, closing it and clearing the aircraft for take-off using the remote device or the app. To receive a delivery, clear the aircraft for landing and remove the cargo. The aircraft will immediately configure itself for the return trip. Just swap the battery and clear it for take-off.

Why wait any longer? Use our Air Cargo Solution PW.Airlift!

PW.Airlift Can Be Used in Many Industries

PW.Airlift connects places in a smooth and straightforward way

From medical cargo to express deliveries, PW.Airlift can make quick and spontaneous, as well as, round-the-clock, deliveries available to anyone. Send medication or medical samples across rural areas with the help of our air cargo solution, provide offshore locations with documents or spare parts, or have an on-call aerial delivery solution ready for your urban express cargo needs.

Make deliveries efficient – with our Air Cargo Solution.